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Woodstock Drifter Pin Bamboo 46" Longboard Deck : Get back to your roots with the Woodstock Drifter Pin! Long pins with long wheelbases have the core advantages of offering extra deck flex and rebound. Add to that the responsiveness of a full depth bamboo top lam and you have the smoothest riding longboard on the planet. The top ply is full depth bamboo which provides pop, organic style, that cannot be duplicated with fiberglass or synthetic laminates. The board only gets better when complemented with Bear trucks. The Bear trucks are bomb proof and their performance is even stronger than that. For smooth predictable riding the Drifter is then paired with the Woodstock Mutant wheel and loaded with precision ABEC 9 bearings! Whether you're looking for a board to carve out long lines on even longer mountain roads, cross step like you were riding a classic 10 foot surfboard, or just need the perfect board to go for a Smoothie Cream run on, the Drifter will take you there.

Mounting: Top Mount
Top mounts allow you to drive and turn the board from completely above the trucks making for more aggressive carves.

Material: Maple and Bamboo
6 Plies of hand selected Canadian Maple with a full depth ply Bamboo top sheet

Concave: Medium
A medium concave allows you to get more on edge when carving while still allowing plenty of room to dance on the board

Profile: Light Camber
A very minor camber adds a built in suspension for an even smoother ride

Flex: Mid-Soft
The mid-soft flex of this board, works as a built in shock absorber making bumps, cracks and rocks feel like smooth pavement and allowing for easy pushing around town.

Trucks: Bear
Bear Grizzly 852 Longboard Trucks turn this board into a carving and cruising machine

Wheels: Woodstock Mutant 80a
Woodstock Mutants 70mm 80a wheels are a super durable and grippy wheel perfect for carving and cruising.

Bearings: ABEC 9
Precision ABEC 9 Speed bearings allow for faster and smoother rolling than any other bearing

Grip: Clear
The factory applied clear grip on Woodstock boards allows for clear views of the beautiful bamboo top layer while keeping your feet glued to the board

Dimensions: 46"
Length: 46"
Width: 9.5"
Wheel Base: 32.25"
Deck Concave: .31″
Unweighted Platform Camber: .06″
Primary Sag: .1 – .2″
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Manufacturer Woodstock
Model Woodstock Complete Longboard Drifter Pin w/ Bear Trucks
Who It Fits This deck is perfect for all rider sizes. Please use our Fit Tips page for assistance or Contact Us for individual help.
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