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System Timeless and LTX Men's Snowboard Package : System's Timeless Snowboard with their premium LTX rear entry binding for superior performance! Featuring System's Timeless snowboard designed to float in powder, power through trees and still handle park laps for day, this thing is a powerhouse. Then you get System's top of the line upgraded LTX rear entry binding! No sitting down and buckling straps, just slide your foot in and ride! Not only will this package dominate the entire mountain, with LTX bindings it will have you doing so faster and easier than all your friends!

System Timeless Snowboard : The newest board in System's line, the Timeless is a snowboard guaranteed to live up to it's name! Built around the strongest and liveliest core System has, the 3D Core with Edgelock is full tip to tail poplar with high density stringers running just outside the center of the board as well as down each rail, easily driving and holding your edge in to any snow conditions! Then an artisan grade heartwood stringer is set in the center of the board creating explosive power and response from the park to big mountain carves! This is all then pressed in to their new CRCX camber profile! The Timeless is a rocker dominant "camber-rocker-camber" profile which greatly increases float in powder and elevates your contact points to ensure you never catch an edge. The small cambered sections in the nose and tail only engage when you tell them to, and create explosive pop for ollies and jumps. Whether you're powering down groomer and mogul fields, slashing trees, or bombing the park, the Timeless will give you a ride you will never forget!

Profile : Camber Rocker Camber
CRCX : An all new design, this is a rocker dominant "camber-rocker-camber" profile. Overall rocker creates tons of float in powder and prevents edge catches for a super smooth ride. Small sections of camber in the tip and tail add explosive pop and increases the effective edge making high speed turns a breeze.

Construction : 3D Core with Edgelock
The all new 3D Core with Edgelock focuses on a combination of explosive pop in the center and driving edge response and hold at the rails. Centered around tip to tail hand selected Poplar, the edges of the board then utilize a high density stringer running the full length of each rail, adding strength to power through turns and driving you’re edge into even the iciest snow. Two more of these high density stringers run just outside the center of the board and are separated by a third explosive artisan grade, heartwood stringer that sits in the center of the board. The end result is an all mountain core that provides maximum edge hold unbridled power just waiting to be unleashed.

System LTX Bindings : Featuring the state of the art FASTEC rear entry/step-in design, these bindings are easier to get in and out of than any you have used before! Don't sit down to strap in, just slide your foot in and ride away! To make sliding your foot in even easier the LTX ankle strap utilizes an autorelease function to provide tons of room to fit your entire boot, and then cinches back down with one quick lever! The patented design of the rear cable locks the hi-back in place and actually tightens with pressure, making your bindings stronger and more responsive the harder you ride, all while keeping you firmly attached to your board! An upgraded fully covered high density EVA footbed is combined with added dampening under the base pad to eliminate board chatter and create a cloud like ride that is unmatched! Also upgraded is the ERGO highback, a premium design based around locking your boot in to the binding while providing a more comfortable and natural feel! The LTX also adds an EVO ratchet buckle to alow for easy micro adjustments to the fit of the ankle strap.

Straps : 3D PU Molded Straps
3D Molding : A molded 3D ankle strap allows it to naturally and more securely fit around your boot. The LTX binding will grip your boot and fit like a glove!
Polyurethane Covering : Lightweight and highly durable, the LTX strap comes with a PU covering that focuses on creating comfort and supreme lasting power!
Slide Lock Adjustment : The LTX straps feature all toolless slide locking strap adjustments and micro ratchets. This makes fine tuning your bindings to perfectly fit your boot simple and easy!
More Information
Manufacturer System
Model System Timeless and LTX Package
Who It Fits
  • Board
  • The 153 is ideal for a rider between 100 to 180 lbs. and shoe size of 6-11.
  • The 156 Wide is ideal for a rider between 110 to 200 lbs. and shoe size of 7-12.
  • The 158 Wide is ideal for a rider between 120 to 220 lbs. and shoe size of 8-13.
  • The 159 is ideal for a rider between 130 to 230 lbs. and shoe size of 8-13.
  • The 163 Wide is ideal for a rider between 170 to 250+ lbs. and shoe size of 9-14.
  • Please use our Fit Tips page for assistance or Contact Us for individual help.
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