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Snowboard Boots

Arguably the second most important piece of gear, your snowboard boots are your best friends on the mountain. Anyone who has spent a day boots that are uncomfortable, poor quality, or don’t fit well will tell you that it is worth the cash to get a solid pair of snowboarding boots. Not only do they keep your feet warm and dry, they also are key to your boarding experience, allowing you to control your ride. More aggressive riding styles will need a stiffer boot, while beginners may be more comfortable in a soft boot. Be sure to check out our snowboard boots sale in the clearance section if you are in the market for killer deals. Otherwise, we have a huge selection of the best snowboard boots from top brands right here at Wiredsport.

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Snowboard Boots

We offer a wide selection of snowboard boots from the industries top brands and manufacturers.  We have mens snowboard boots from top brands as well as a huge selection of womens snowboard boots for the ladies to choose from.

When choosing snowboarding your next pair, one of the most important things to look for is whether they are lace-up or step-in. The type you choose will depend on your board, or vice versa. Lace-ups go with strap-in bindings. After tying them up, you must step into the binding and then strap the binding shut before you ride. A step-in binding, on the other hand, locks together with the bottom of your boot. Boots with step-in bindings have two small metal rods attached to the bottom which hook into your bindings, securing you as you ride. You also need to decide between a soft or stiff boot. Soft boots are normally used by freestyle riders and beginners because they are comfortable and can be used in many riding styles while stiff ones are typically used by freeriders and many backcountry snowboarders.

Once you decide on the type of snowboard boots you want, the next things to think about are style and comfort. Remember, you can be in your boots all day for boarding sessions, so make sure you get something comfortable. Don’t sacrifice style for comfort or you’ll be sorry at the end of the day. At Wiredsport, we offer many pairs that are both stylish and comfortable, and most of all affordable. Check out our selection and you’re sure to find something you love.