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Wakeboard Binding Fit Tips


As in many industries, there is an abundance of misinformation in the wakeboard world. The following tips come from years of experience in the industry, and are designed to cut through some of the tech talk and misleading jargon. If you would like us to find you the perfect bindings for your needs, please use our contact form to send us the following information: Weight, Shoe size, Preferred style of riding, Ability level, Boat that you typically ride behind. Click the highlighted link to view all of our current wakeboard binding deals. Click the highlighted link to view all of our current wakeboard package deals.

Snug is what you are after.
The most common mistake in fitting wakeboard bindings is buying them too large. Your bindings are your sole attachment to the board. Controlling your new ride with loose fitting bindings is like typing with winter gloves on. The wakeboard binding should not be thought of as an accessory. It is equal in importance to the board. Often we hear, "my bindings are too tight...I need lubricant to get into them". The truth is, you will need lubricant to get into a binding that fits correctly. Do not try to enter your bindings dry, it should not work.
It is important to know the foot range that your binding is designed for. Some bindings are designed to fit a broad range and have various methods of providing a snug fut for multiple foot sizes. Other models are designed for a very limited size range or even a single size. Please contact us if you have any questions about size range.
Many riders choose to have their own set of bindings.
You may be able to share a high performance board between a group of friends within 60 lbs of each other. This same group may choose to individually own bindings to optimize performance. Remember, bindings may easily be swapped out on the boat between rides.
Bindings which are too loose
Bindings which are too loose can be equally dangerous as those which are too tight. Coming out prematurely, or unexpectedly, can be more dangerous than staying in.
Always read
Always read any labeling or information provided by the manufacturer. All bindings are designed and fit differently. The manufacturer's advice should be taken as the last word on the fit of their product.

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