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Grayne Complete Skiing Accessory and Tuning Kit : All the extras to make this skiing season the best one yet!. This complete kit starts with Grayne's Deluxe Padded ski bag, a bag that features 360 degrees of super dense padding and a ballistic nylon exterior! Designed to fit any size skis with bindings attached, poles, and room for a few extras, this will keep your skis like new whether in the car or while flying to your next ski vacation! Then add in Grayne's complete Ski tuning and wax kit to keep have your skis sliding like new every day! From P-tex for base gouges, an edge sharpener, and everything you need to wax your skis except the iron, you'll never have to take your skis to a shop again! To wrap it up Grayne includes your choice of any of their goggles! Featuring the best anti-fog and anti-scratch technology on the market, these goggles are unreal. Add in their super easy lens change and minimal frame designs and you get the best field of vision available! And the best part, this kit costs less than most pair of goggles or ski bags cost on their own! And of course each component comes with a three year warranty!

Grayne Deluxe Padded Ski Bag
The Grayne Deluxe Padded Ski bag will protect your skis from just about anything you can throw at them! Featuring a full 360 degrees of ultra plush premium padding, this bag is like wrapping your skis in a pillow. The exterior is made with ultra durable Ballistic Nylon and double stitching throughout, allowing for season after season of heavy use.

Grayne Ski Tuning and Wax kit
The ultimate tuning kit for all your skis. Starting with a complete waxing setup, you get a brick of lightning fast all temp wax, large ultra-durable scraper, and a brass and nylon bristled brush, you can easily wax your skis at home or on the go! Need some extra grip on icy or hardpack days? Make your edges razor sharp with the Dual Degree Edge Tool which gives you an 88 or 90 degree edge in seconds, simply pick your degree and slide down your edges! Got a screw or binding part coming loose? The 6 piece ratcheting screwdriver can tighten or take out any and every screw on your binding, featuring 5 different bits and 8 and 10mm wrench! Add in two P-Tex candles for filling gouges and core shots, a deburring and polishing stone for removing rust and burrs from your edge as well as quick detunes, and a nylon base pad and you have a full tuning shop at your disposal.

Grayne Valdez Snowboard Goggles
The most exciting addition to Grayne's goggle line this year, the Valdez is the fastest and easiest lens change available! Frameless technology on the bottom and top of the Valdez enhances sight without blocking peripheral vision. For lens changes the Valdez utilizes a new hinge lever that has brought lens removal time down to a mere 3 seconds! Reinstalling a lens is nearly just as quick and easy which means no fumbling with or damaging lenses when swapping them out! Utilizing Grayne's superior moisture-locked dual lens technology, the Valdez lens is a spherical shape with 5x military grade anti-fog which means fog free vision in any conditions! The lens is then given a coating of an ultra-hardened anti-scratch layer for protection. The tinting of each Valdez lens then provides complete UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays. Add in the 100% anti-microbial Ultrafoam and full ventilation and you'll find the Valdez is simply the most fog-free and easy to use goggle on the market.

Warranty : 3 Years
Every product Grayne makes comes with a three year warranty against manufacturer defects so you know you're getting quality long lasting products!

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