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Grayne MTN Blackout Goggle w/Polarized Anti-Fog Lens : Grayne's MTN goggle is a powerhouse when it comes to providing fog free clear vision. The extra large frame design provides one of the largest field of view of any goggle on the market. No frame and foam blocking peripheral vision here! The spherical, dual lens, sealed with Grayne's superior moisture-lock technology, is only part of what makes the MTN a must have for every rider. The Grayne MTN also features 5x military grade anti-fog protected by an ultra hardened anti-scratch layer, making this goggle 100% fog proof, and nearly bomb proof for scratch resistance. Just for added measure, Grayne then coats each of their lenses with UV protection to shield your eyes in any light condition. Add in the 100% anti-microbial Ultrafoam and full ventilation and you're left with one of the highest performing goggles on the market. Grayne also includes a microfiber bag with every goggle to protect them on each trip up the mountain. The easy lens change is important because each Grayne goggle also comes complete with a FREE bonus yellow lens for low light and night riding conditions!

Anti-Fog/Scratch : 5X Military Grade
5X Military Grade Anti-Fog : Keeps your vision clear and moisture off your lens in nearly any condition. Years of testing and development have lead to this, the absolute best anti-fogging tech imaginable.
Anti-Scratch : Specifically designed for lens protection, this protection is the best on the market
UV Protection : Added UV protection shields your eyes from harmful UV rays all day long

Lens : Dual Spherical
A spherical lens bends light more naturally to your eyes than a flat lens allowing for added clarity a depth of vision. A sealed dual lens keeps outdoor elements from entering the goggle and flushes moisture from between the lens and your face.

Light Conditions : Polarized for Sunny Days
The polarized lens is engineered to reduce glare and optimize vision during sunny days. The bonus yellow lens has you covered in low light and night riding conditions! What about overcast conditions? The bundling options allow you to add additional lenses at substantial savings. The mirrored lenses optimizes sight for the overcast and darker days, all at nearly a third the cost of purchasing the lens on its own!

Foam : Triple Thickness Anti-Microbial
Full face triple Thickness anti-microbial foam offers superior comfort on your face while also keeping the foam in pristine condition after even years of moisture exposure.

Ventilation : Full Frame
To further help prevent fogging and overheating these goggles utilize protected full frame vents to allow moisture to leave the goggle while keeping exterior moisture from entering.

Lens Release : Quick Snap
A quick snap release means all it takes to change lenses is a quick pull on the frame and the lens pop out allowing lens changes to take place in less than 30 seconds.

Strap : Adjustable
An ultra wide silicone strap for comfort and hold is then paired with a full slide adjustment to fit any size head and/or helmet.

Helmet Compatible : Yes
Designed to fit with nearly ever helmet this goggle is easily combined with a helmet or used on its own.

Warranty : 3 Years
Three year warranty against manufacturer defects.
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Manufacturer Grayne
Model Grayne MTN Blackout Goggle w/Polarized Lens
Who It Fits
  • The MTN is a medium to large fit frame
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