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Flux 2014 DM Men's Snowboard Bindings


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Flux 2014 DM Men's Snowboard Bindings : Ultimate power and response. If you are looking to charge the mountain and need maximum response and minimal weight there is no better binding on the market than the Flux DM!

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Flux 2014 DM Men's Snowboard Bindings : Ultimate power and response. If you are looking to charge the mountain and need maximum response and minimal weight there is no better binding on the market than the Flux DM!

Ultima Baseplates - This new hybrid footbed features DECK sensors and EDGE sensors for variable canting options. The foam has a softer instep, allowing the boot to compress into it as needed for your preferred stance. The small amount of tilt adds more power to the nose and tail, allowing the rider to get more pop out of the board, boost bigger ollies and drive better turn-to-turn response.

Urethane Stabilizers - Urethane stabilizers in two densities are included to customize the ride and feel of the binding.

Freeride Footbed - This footbed provides increased support and increased toe edge response.

Ultima FR Highback - The Ultima FR highback has been engineered to be even lighter than its predecessor, the Alpha highback. It has lost significant weight while gaining more durability and stability. It provides a more responsive feel by wrapping the boot and giving it a more snug fit. The combination of high speed stability and better response are what make this highback special. This highback utilizes a forward lean adjustment system that does not rely on traditional forward lean adjusters. The forward lean is customized in the contact points, thus making it possible for the highback to sit seamlessly in the heelcup of the base plate. This system provides a gapless fit between the highback and the baseplate, giving the rider direct power transfer with every turn and carve.

Super Tough Nylon Plus - The materials make the magic. Our exclusive carbon and nylon blend creates an exceptionally responsive highback for aggressive riders. This blend also excels at absorbing vibrations.

Hybrid Cushion - A dual density EVA cushion on the highback also strikes the perfect balance between shock absorbing comfort and bombproof stability.

Absolute Fit Strap - FR (Freeride shape) - The shape of this strap will provide a more stable foundation for the rider. The straps are designed to provide responsiveness without compromising comfort. The shape of the strap is designed to give better hold and support.

L-Guide System - Flux's L-Guide system ensures that your ladders quickly and cleanly lock into your binding's ratchets. Plus, it keeps those pesky straps and ladders out of the way.

UU Fit - Affectionately referred to as Patent 6604746, or UU Fit for short, this design secures the ends of our binding straps to the heelcup and highback. This allows the ankle strap to better transfer power and minimize pinching. Rather than simply applying a downward force on your feet, our design cradles them in 360 degrees of love.

FTM Monocoque - To keep things light yet comfort filled, Flux's FTM Monocoque toe straps use a molded, one-piece design. By wrapping the contours of your boot, these straps minimize pressure points and maximize responsiveness.

Alpha Ratchet Buckles - Even our ratchets have gone on a diet - we’ve redesigned them for lighter weight. For an easier to use design that's frozen finger friendly, we’ve also increased the angle of our buckle levers.

BASEPLATE: New Ultima baseplate with Super Carbon Blend and New FR Hybrid Footbed
HIGHBACK: New Ultima Freeride Highback with super tough nylon plus construction, Hybrid Cushion and Minimum Forward Lean Adjuster
STRAPS: Absolute Fit strap freeride shape, L-Guide System, UU Fit and FTM Monocoque
BUCKLES: Alpha ratchet buckles

Additional Information

Manufacturer Flux
Model Flux 2013 DM Men's Snowboard Bindings
Who It Fits
  • Medium fits boot sizes 7-9.5.
  • Large fits boot sizes 9-12.
  • Please use our Fit Tips page for assistance or Contact Us for individual help.
  • Click the image below to begin selecting the items for your own custom package.

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