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Burton Debuts Olympic Snowboard Team Uniforms


For the fourth straight year Burton was tasked with creating the uniforms for the US Olympic snowboarding team. From the distressed denim snowboard pants of the Vancouver Olympics to the quilted flag pattern in 2014, Burton's outfits always seem to create quite a buzz. The 2018 PyeongChang outfit is no different. In what is an obvious homage to NASA, Burton debuted a space themed uniform hoping that they will help riders fly higher and to places unknown. The real question is how will these NASA themed snowboarding uniforms be received?

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Start Em Young

The Wiredsport snowboarding family just got a little bigger with 13 month old Carsons first day on the slopes. Despite a near edge catch he had a blast and can't wait to get out there again!


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2015 Hyperlite Wake Is In!

2015 Hyperlite wakeboards have arrived! Pictured from right to left are the Marek Bio, Vapor, Kruz and Murray Bio. Despite being one of the best looking lines Hyperlite Wakeboards have ever produced these are set up to be the best performing boards as well! From cable parks to open lakes, Hyperlite's 2015 line has a wakeboard for everyone!

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Tubing Time

It's getting into summer which means boating season. We are debuting our new lines of Connely and HO tubes for your summer sun enjoyment to celebrate. Tubing is the perfect all family water activity, enjoyable by people of all ages. Want a casual float tube or are you looking for an adrenalin pumping ride being towed behind a boat? Either way our line of tubes has you covered. Try being out on the water, in the sun, being pulled around by a boat and not having a smile on your face. Whether you're 6 or 60, it's impossible.

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Wiredsport Pro Model Inspired Line


The days are getting longer, weather sunnier and the water’s warming up. That means it’s wakeboard season. And to celebrate the final summer according to the Myans, we used our strategic partnership with Hyperlite to create some boards specifically for Wiredsport. We worked with Hyperlite day and night for months and poured all we had into these boards. Finally, after some final touches and inspired by the pro line from Shaun Murray and Rusty Malinoski’s “Marek” pro line, the Hyperlite Machete, Agent and Destroyer were born.

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Important Moments in Snowboarding History

Ready for a history lesson? Check out this cool Smithsonian piece on important moments in snowboarding history. Though a bit dated, it offers some insight towards how snowboarding grew to become the sport and the industry that it is today.

"Though snowboarding’s roots go back several centuries, its modern development began in the 1960s. In chronological order, here are the top ten moments of snowboarding’s short, radical history … subject to debate of course"

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Landyachtz Now Available At

Landyachtz has been defining longboarding since their inception in the fall of 1997. Sparing no expense in design and development throughout the past 14 and a half years, it comes as no surprise that they now produce the most competitive longboards on the market. Lanyachtz boards have won more races in the past five years than any other company, and three of those were World Cup Championships! To put it simply Landyachtz longboards and cruisers are the proverbial "bees knees" and we at are proud to announce that their 2012 line is now available at both our retail location and at

Wether you're looking to simply get around town or power sliding your way down mountain roads, you will not find a better longboard than those put out by Landyachtz. We carry a full line from their cruisers to their minis to the most decorated and accomplished competition longboard in history, the Evo. And the best part of all is, like always, we guarantee the lowest price anywhere. Check these guys out, you won't regret it!

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Arbor Longboards, Let's Ride

Arbor longboards, what better way to spend a sunny summer day than cruising down hills and sidewalks on one of these? A guaranteed way to enjoy the sun and wind in your hair. Whether trying to commute or just kicking back with friends, longboards and cruisers are the ultimate summer toy. And this year Arbor's line of longboards and cruisers is out of this world. With everything from competition downhill boards to pocket size cruisers, Arbor has proven once again that they are one of the names to beat in the longboard world. We just got our shipment in and here's a little view of what you can expect.

X-mas Stoker Snowboard Giveaway


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