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Prepping your new stick

Finally!  The season is almost here, and your brand new board is sitting by idly, not-so-patiently waiting for the resorts to get a little more of that sacred white stuff, and open up at least a few early season runs.   But...Is your board ready?  Sure, it looks nice, and it has all of the latest and greatest technology, but what's the real story?  Do factories send out their boards ready to ride or do they still need a little luv'n before they are really prepped for the hill?

The answer will depend on...

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Grayne Expands!

Grayne long known for producing high quality yet affordable goggles and stomp pads has stepped up their game! We are excited to announce that Grayne has added a complete set of ski and snowboard tuning equipment to their product line! The tuning kit sold on its own comes with all the basics you need to keep your board in tip top shape all season long. From wax and a scraper to an edge sharpener and P-Tex, you'll never need to go to a shop for repairs again!

The tuning kit is only half the story though. Grayne also debuted a top of the line premium wax specific iron! This thing is everything you could dream of in an iron. With dual voltage options, temperature dial, ultra thick baseplate, and even a special designed handle to ensure the heating plate never touches your table, it's not your mother's iron! Sold on it's own or bundle with their tuning kit, you'll be able to tune your snowboard for seasons to come, and all for less than one trip to a shop!

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