Wake Surfing: The Next Big Thing

November 12, 2014 12:42:00 PM PST

Wake Surfing is blowing up and now's the time to get on board! For those who don't know abut it yet wakesurfing is a crossover between wakeboarding and surfing. Done behind a boat wake surfing uses a special hybrid looking surfboard designed specifically to turn the wake of a boat in to a never ending wave. Beginners will often use a rope to find the sweet spot in the wake and keep them there but as riders progress you will be able to control the board on your own and will be able to stay right behind the boat without being attached. You can literally surf a never ending wave!

Sure you won't have deep barrels, but there are huge advantages to wake surfing over traditional surfing. Not only is the wave endless allowing for an unending ride compared to the often 10 second ride of an ocean wave, but it is also a perfect and designable wave! Simply use your boat to create the exact wave you want, no picking out your wave in a set, dealing with changing wave conditions or worrying about flat days! A never ending perfect wave, if that doesn't sound like heaven what does?

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Comments Posted in Gear Talk By Luke Balbo