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Ride In To Spring With Arbor


The sun is out, the weather is warmer, and the smell of grass is overwhelming. That means spring is here! It's time to get out and take advantage of the long sun filled days. Arbor's 2016 line of longboards will have you doing just that. Whether you're in to cruising down boardwalks or charging steep hills, Arbor has you covered. Their 2016 line is their best yet and will have you hoping this summer never ends!

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Landyachtz Now Available At

Landyachtz has been defining longboarding since their inception in the fall of 1997. Sparing no expense in design and development throughout the past 14 and a half years, it comes as no surprise that they now produce the most competitive longboards on the market. Lanyachtz boards have won more races in the past five years than any other company, and three of those were World Cup Championships! To put it simply Landyachtz longboards and cruisers are the proverbial "bees knees" and we at are proud to announce that their 2012 line is now available at both our retail location and at

Wether you're looking to simply get around town or power sliding your way down mountain roads, you will not find a better longboard than those put out by Landyachtz. We carry a full line from their cruisers to their minis to the most decorated and accomplished competition longboard in history, the Evo. And the best part of all is, like always, we guarantee the lowest price anywhere. Check these guys out, you won't regret it!

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Store Build



The Wiredsport store build has made some huge steps over the past week. We're almost set up to open and and people are getting stoked. Here's a breakdown and photos of some of the store. We hope you're at least half as stoked as we are, and if not, enter our Facebook Stoker Snowboard Giveaway for a chance to win a free snowboard. If that's not enough to do it for you I guess we could try to bribe you, but seriously what more could you ask for?

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