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The Store's Open!

It's the 5th of November which means A. There will be no shortage of V for Vendetta quotes flying around and B. Our Wiredsport retail shop in Portland is now open for business. Today we open the doors to one of the largest snowboard stores around. With thousands of snowboards on location and full lines of outerwear, apparel, bindings and boots There is no shortage of merchandise to check out.


We also have a full tuning featuring brand new state of the art equipment from Wintersteiger. Wether you need a simple wax and sharpen, or your board looks like you threw it off a cliff, we can take care of it. So stop by, check out the store, and explore the largest selection of gear with guarenteed lowest prices.

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Final Touches

Temps are falling, leaves are changing and the snowpack is ever so slowly starting to build on top of the mountains. That means its about time for the season to start. t's just in time to because we are finishing up the final touches on our new retail location in Gresham, OR. Tentative opening date is the first week of November, just early enough to swing by and grab some stuff on your way out to the mountain for the first time. For a behind the scenes early look at what to expect check out the full blog post and leave a comment! We love hearing from you.


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Store Build



The Wiredsport store build has made some huge steps over the past week. We're almost set up to open and and people are getting stoked. Here's a breakdown and photos of some of the store. We hope you're at least half as stoked as we are, and if not, enter our Facebook Stoker Snowboard Giveaway for a chance to win a free snowboard. If that's not enough to do it for you I guess we could try to bribe you, but seriously what more could you ask for?

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Magne-Traction, AKA Heaven!

X-mas Stoker Snowboard Giveaway

Some of us eagerly wait each year for the new board line ups to come out, ready to pour through the new technology of the year and see just what we can get to improve our ride for the year. However, some of the more casual riders are unaware that despite nearly 20 years of little to no advancement in snowboard technology, the past 5 years or so have brought around improvements at a speed only equaled by electronics.

Here we will discuss my favorite advancement, Magne-Traction. If you dont know what this is yet be sure to read this. It will change your snowboarding life, we guarentee it.

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