Grayne has long been protecting snowboarders and skiiers wallets with insanely low pricing on their top of the line snowboard and ski accessories. Well they are now ready to protect your head as well! With a mid season release Grayne now offers the MTN Ski and Snowboard Helmet! Featuring dual safety certifications, the EPS foam and revolutionary shell design provide maximum protection from even the hardest falls!

The MTN Snowboard Helmet is no bare bones head protection though, this thing is loaded with tech! Adjustable slide venting lets your head breath on warm sunny days but keeps you dry and warm in the coldest conditions. The audio ready liner and earflaps easily accomodate most any headphones or audio chips for all your tunage needs! Grayne's Twist-to-Fit Dial system in the back of the helmet makes finding the perfect fit a breeze. The MTN simply has everything you could ask for in a helmet, including a sub $50 starting price!

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Luke Balbo