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System Rear Entry Bindings


System is proud to announce the release of their all new line of rear entry, step in style snowboard bindings! Debuting with three seperate models, the System line will include the men's LTX and MTN models, while the women's line sees the introduction of the LUX. Each of these models feature their state of the art rear entry design that allows riders to simply slip the hiback down, slide their foot in, and ride away! Whether you \want to skip sitting down to strap in, don't like messing with straps and buckles, or simply want to fly past your friends, there's a million reasons to try out the all new System binding line!

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The New Flux XV and XF Bindings


The 2017 snowboarding season brings a pair of all new bindings from Flux. The Flux XF anf Flux XV bindings are Flux's new top of the line binders and offer some incredible tech! With both bindings priding themselves on weight reduction, you won't believe how light your ride will feel. The XV is definitely the lighter of the two with it's carbon Fiber construction which creats a stiff bomber binding that will destroy the gnarliest lines on the mountain. The XF utilizes a super tough nylno base that remains leightweight but offers more flex and forgiveness for those looking to spend more time free riding and in the parks. Both have all new hi-backs and a plethora of other features that combine for a ride so comfy and fun that you'll be wondering how you ever rode anything else!

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2017 Bent Metal Snowboard Bindings


Mervin Manufacturing has been putting out rider favorite snowboards under Lib Tech and Gnu for years! What some people don't know is they quietly we're building up their tech knowledge in the snowboard binding world and 2017 is the year they are revamping and releasing their completely redesigned Bent Metal Line of binding. Focused around their composit disc footbed the stiffens or frees up your ride depending on the model, these are sure to be the must have binding of the year. Check out the Bent Metal Logic, Bent Metal Transfer, and Bent Metal Solution snowboard bindings here!

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Ride In To Spring With Arbor


The sun is out, the weather is warmer, and the smell of grass is overwhelming. That means spring is here! It's time to get out and take advantage of the long sun filled days. Arbor's 2016 line of longboards will have you doing just that. Whether you're in to cruising down boardwalks or charging steep hills, Arbor has you covered. Their 2016 line is their best yet and will have you hoping this summer never ends!

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2017 Gnu Carbon Credit Comes With Asym!

Gnu has so many things to be excited about with their 2017 snowboard line, but at the top very well might be the new Carbon Credit. For the first time in the storied history of their best selling board, there will now be an asymmetrical option! Creating a more natural feel and allowing your toe and heel edge to mimic eachother, the Asym option of the 2017 Carbon Credit is sure to be a game changer!


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Prepping your new stick

Finally!  The season is almost here, and your brand new board is sitting by idly, not-so-patiently waiting for the resorts to get a little more of that sacred white stuff, and open up at least a few early season runs.   But...Is your board ready?  Sure, it looks nice, and it has all of the latest and greatest technology, but what's the real story?  Do factories send out their boards ready to ride or do they still need a little luv'n before they are really prepped for the hill?

The answer will depend on...

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Big Changes for 2017 Flow Snowboard BIndings

Flow has made some serious upgrades to their 2017 line of bindings. New straps all the way down the Fuse and NX2 line utilize extremely plush padding maximizing comfort and response. Add in some new leightweight and bomber ratchets and 2017 Flow Snowboard Bindings will be your go to for comfort and performance!


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New Salomon Hi Fi Snowboard Boot

Salomon has redesigned their high end boot line for 2017 and are introducing the Hi Fi. A super smoth flexing boot with a TPU support back. Of particular interest to those with a larger foot, the Hi Fi will be offered in a wide! The Hi Fi will also feature a specially designed high end footbed eliminating any possible need for an aftermarket insole.

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