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  • 2014 Bataleon Snowboards

    Posted on February 21, 2013 by admin

    The 2014 Bataleon line has debuted! It may just be us but something about the "Whatever" reminds us of a small town in Colorado with some obscene cartoon children... Either way, it's a sick looking line. The "Omni" is the board to the left of Kenn... I mean the orange brown and white "Whatever" and the Goliath is the one next to Sta... well you get the picture. If you don't get the reference don't worry, the boards look great regardless of what you make of the graphics, and you're sure to get a high-five or two on the chairlift.

    From left to right these are the Goliath, Omni and Camel Toe. And for those who feel pictures simply won't suffice, we included a video for your viewing pleasure. Needless to say, we're pretty excited for this line.

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