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Monthly Archives: October 2011

  • Final Touches

    Posted on October 21, 2011 by wiredsport

    The Living Room:

    Welcome to the Wiredsport Living Room. This is home to steezy relaxation. Here you will be able to try on shoes and boots, enjoy a cup of coffee on your way to the slopes, rest your legs on your way back, or simply people watch. So grab a magazine, sit down in a room built with snowboard walls, and enjoy the shag carpet. 1975's never out of style.


    Adjacent to your new relaxation quarters you will find a large selection of Skullcandy headphones complete with a listening station. After all, snowboarding and music go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly or spaghetti and meatballs (or East Coast resorts and ice if you need a snowboarding reference). The point is, we felt some tune-age was vital for everybody to enjoy the store. We apologize if we were incorrect.

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  • 686 Has Arrived!

    Posted on October 12, 2011 by wiredsport

    Our first shipment of outerwear has arrived and we could not be more excited. Women's and men's 686 jackets, gloves, pants, and beanies are going on the racks. This stuff is about as good as it gets when it comes to outerwear. Unbelievably dry and yet breathable has become the standard from 686. This means you get to stay as warm as a dream and as dry as Utah Pow! Need more? Not only is it comfortable, but you'll get to look as stylish as all the 686 team riders like Louie Vito, Alex Fischer, and Sebi Geiger!



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  • Store Build

    Posted on October 10, 2011 by wiredsport

    Rather then do a lot of talking and rambling on our goal is to let the store do most of the talking. So, without further adieu here are some photos of the store and brief descriptions.


    Here you can see a part of our skate wall. You will be able to choose from our array of bindings, trucks, longboards, bearings and more. If you want a full scope of our selection then wait until the end of this post.



    Welcome to the front corner of the store. This is where you will find our Nitro and Gnu boards. We'd hope these would be enough to make you drool, but we decided simply drooling wasn't enough. Our goal is to make sure you can't enter our store without feeling like a five year old child on Christmas. So, with that in mind we go on to the next section.


    We have goggles, a LOT of goggles, this is about half of our Electric models and a quarter of our total goggle line. We'd love for you to take some off our hands. See, we know that some people have large melons while others may have a smaller noggin. Some riders are looking for the top of the line while other are just trying to keep the lovely pow out of their eyes. Thus we decided to carry every single goggle in this years Electric and Dragon line, and we must say, they are a thing of beauty.



    This as you can see is our Flow window display. These are by far our best selling bindings, but don't forget that some of the top pros in the world are also riding these boards.


    This is what we have to offer you right now, over 150 skate decks, a soon to be "living room" in the center, windows full of boards and the floor full of clothes. We still have a bit to do, a lot more merchandise to get out and so on, but we hope this was enough to at least tease the palate for now!

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  • Stoker Snowboard Giveaway

    Posted on October 6, 2011 by wiredsport


    Wiredsport X-mas Stoker Snowboard Giveaway: The Facebook version!

    Every October Wiredsport kicks off the X-mas Stoker board giveaway and this year will be the biggest yet! The idea started in 1994 when we decided to help promote the greatest sport in the world by getting free boards under the feet of new riders. We thought the best way to do this was to give out decks to riders who were already charged up boarders and let them help us stoke out new riders that could use a little help to get going. So, do you know a new rider who could use a new deck? Let's set 'em up together!

    Here's how it works: On our Facebook page there's an app titled "Snowboard Giveaway". This page will serve as the placeholder for the contest. We will start a new giveaway every few days. We'll provide the board and we'll ship it anywhere in the USA at no charge. All users need to do is post a comment at the bottom of the page in the comment section.  Comments will need to include a unique number (you can choose any number that has not yet been chosen by another user). At the end of each giveway we will stop entries and pick a winner, raffle style. 

    Winners: The winner will be notified via a comment on their post and a private message from a member of the Wiredsport team. At that time we will request the shipping address for where the winner wants the board shipped. While there are no requirements of winners, we do love it when winners post up pics of themselves and the new riders that they give the boards to.

    We will be announcing the details of first free board and the start time of the first giveaway shortly, so kindly check back on our Facebook page for the latest. We thank you in advance for your help with this!

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