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Stomp Pad: A Necessity?

Surprisingly enough a common question we get asked is whether or not you need a stomp pad with your snowboard. To start off we should say as it can be viewed as an aid and kind of safety device, yes we always suggest riding with a stomp pad. Interestingly one of the most injury prone areas of a mountain is the chairlift exit ramp, with people packed tightly next to one another combined with only being partially strapped in to your equipment it does make sense though. A stomp pad allows you to maximize control of your equipment and we always suggest having as much control as possible!

That being said plenty of people successfully ride without stomp pads. Whether it be that they don't want to obscure the graphic of the board, they feel confident enough in their abilities to not need one, or simply don't want to spend an extra $7, it is doable. The decision really comes down to you. But with there being no real negatives to having a stomp pad and their low cost, if you ask us if you should get one our answer will always be a simple and resounding yes!

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Grayne Expands!

Grayne long known for producing high quality yet affordable goggles and stomp pads has stepped up their game! We are excited to announce that Grayne has added a complete set of ski and snowboard tuning equipment to their product line! The tuning kit sold on its own comes with all the basics you need to keep your board in tip top shape all season long. From wax and a scraper to an edge sharpener and P-Tex, you'll never need to go to a shop for repairs again!

The tuning kit is only half the story though. Grayne also debuted a top of the line premium wax specific iron! This thing is everything you could dream of in an iron. With dual voltage options, temperature dial, ultra thick baseplate, and even a special designed handle to ensure the heating plate never touches your table, it's not your mother's iron! Sold on it's own or bundle with their tuning kit, you'll be able to tune your snowboard for seasons to come, and all for less than one trip to a shop!

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New Woodstock Line

Woodstock has released their line of longboards for the season and there's some awesome additions as well as the continuation of some of their treasured classics! Woodstock lovers will be excited to see the Tune In continues to be a staple with its super stiff dropped platform for bombing even the most aggressive terrain. Those looking to add to their line may be excited to check out the W concave of the Landshark, or the kicktails and versatility of the new 8-Track! Regardless of your riding, this new line is bound to have something right up your alley!

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Landyachtz Longboards 2014 Preview

Landyachtz has a heap of awesome board graphics coming our way for the 2014 season! Crowd favorites the Wolf Shark, Drop Speed, and Switch return alongside new decks like the Canyon Arrow. Check out some of our favorites from the 2014 SIA Snowshow:


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Important Moments in Snowboarding History

Ready for a history lesson? Check out this cool Smithsonian piece on important moments in snowboarding history. Though a bit dated, it offers some insight towards how snowboarding grew to become the sport and the industry that it is today.

"Though snowboarding’s roots go back several centuries, its modern development began in the 1960s. In chronological order, here are the top ten moments of snowboarding’s short, radical history … subject to debate of course"

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Longboard Bushings: The Forgotten Necessity

When picking out and setting up a longboard it's easy to focus on the largest pieces. Start with the deck, then pick a truck color, select your wheel size and duro, load it with what bearing you prefer and you're set! However, one of the most overlooked parts of a longboard setup is also one of the most crucial. Inside your trucks is the magical longboard bushing. This bushing does more to affect the ride and feel of your longboard than nearly every other part of the setup! And we aren't talking about simply cranking down or loosening the nut, bushings are a science! So get ready to learn, because this article is here to teach!

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Snowboard Flex, Feel, and Ride Ratings - Oh, No!

Trying to get an accurate idea of how a specific board will flex in comparison to others? Watch out! There is more marketing misinformation and straight out nonsense published about flexibility than about most other elements of snowboard fit. Finding the correct flex (stiffness and feel) is crucial, but it won't be found in a single number printed on a fit chart.

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Wake Surfing: The Next Big Thing

Wake Surfing is blowing up and now's the time to get on board! For those who don't know abut it yet wakesurfing is a crossover between wakeboarding and surfing. Done behind a boat wake surfing uses a special hybrid looking surfboard designed specifically to turn the wake of a boat in to a never ending wave. Beginners will often use a rope to find the sweet spot in the wake and keep them there but as riders progress you will be able to control the board on your own and will be able to stay right behind the boat without being attached. You can literally surf a never ending wave!

Sure you won't have deep barrels, but there are huge advantages to wake surfing over traditional surfing. Not only is the wave endless allowing for an unending ride compared to the often 10 second ride of an ocean wave, but it is also a perfect and designable wave! Simply use your boat to create the exact wave you want, no picking out your wave in a set, dealing with changing wave conditions or worrying about flat days! A never ending perfect wave, if that doesn't sound like heaven what does?

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Snowboard Binding Adjustment - Get Your Tweak On

Anyone ever tell you that your snowboard bindings are as important as your board when it comes to performance? Uhh huh, uhh huh, thought so. Pretty good info actually. Bindings are your link to the board and if they're not working for you, that new Shawn Kass pro model won't make a bit of difference. That said, bindings have come a long way in the last 5 years, and these days even many basic binding models have great adjustability and the potential for a highly customized fit. But are you using the adjustability that is available, and if so, are you using it correctly? Dialing in your bindings with that extra little bit of tweaking can entirely change your riding experience and can unlock a level of comfort and performance that you may have been missing before.

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Flow Maverick Dampening Pad

Flow Maverick Dampening Pad: This round of Innovation Watch provides a look at something that truly is beyond innovative. The 2013 Flow Maverick snowboard features a dampening pad in the center of the board. What, you ask, does that mean? Well Flow took their board and injected a silicone dampening pad into the core of the board. This creates a slightly lifted pad underneath the (sintered) base of the snowboard. Designed to dampen your ride, reduce board chatter and make riding just that much more fun and comfortable, there is one thing we can say about this board. The 2013 Flow Maverick takes innovation to a new level from design to look and even feel. Check out the sneak peak photo!

X-mas Stoker Snowboard Giveaway

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