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Start Em Young

The Wiredsport snowboarding family just got a little bigger with 13 month old Carsons first day on the slopes. Despite a near edge catch he had a blast and can't wait to get out there again!


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Big Changes for 2017 Flow Snowboard BIndings

Flow has made some serious upgrades to their 2017 line of bindings. New straps all the way down the Fuse and NX2 line utilize extremely plush padding maximizing comfort and response. Add in some new leightweight and bomber ratchets and 2017 Flow Snowboard Bindings will be your go to for comfort and performance!


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New Salomon Hi Fi Snowboard Boot

Salomon has redesigned their high end boot line for 2017 and are introducing the Hi Fi. A super smoth flexing boot with a TPU support back. Of particular interest to those with a larger foot, the Hi Fi will be offered in a wide! The Hi Fi will also feature a specially designed high end footbed eliminating any possible need for an aftermarket insole.

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2015 Hyperlite Wake Is In!

2015 Hyperlite wakeboards have arrived! Pictured from right to left are the Marek Bio, Vapor, Kruz and Murray Bio. Despite being one of the best looking lines Hyperlite Wakeboards have ever produced these are set up to be the best performing boards as well! From cable parks to open lakes, Hyperlite's 2015 line has a wakeboard for everyone!

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Tubing Time

It's getting into summer which means boating season. We are debuting our new lines of Connely and HO tubes for your summer sun enjoyment to celebrate. Tubing is the perfect all family water activity, enjoyable by people of all ages. Want a casual float tube or are you looking for an adrenalin pumping ride being towed behind a boat? Either way our line of tubes has you covered. Try being out on the water, in the sun, being pulled around by a boat and not having a smile on your face. Whether you're 6 or 60, it's impossible.

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