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Arbor 2015 Whiskey Snowboard : A shot of all access fire for riders who take on everything the mountain can throw at you. A blended brew of durability, versatility, and System Rocker performance that makes this board ideal for the cross platform experience: park, trees, speed, steeps, powder, and more.

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Arbor 2015 Roundhouse Snowboard : A true all-mountain rockered machine built to support larger feet, while delivering performance peak to parking lot; a high-end daily cruiser that provides the quickness and power you need for 12 rounds of hard driving, all-terrain, mixed-condition fun.

Profile: Rocker
Parabolic Rocker: Arbor uses a "true-rocker" design based on the parabolic arc; a shape that gradually reduces the amount of rocker toward the tip and tail. This ensures that the outside contact points are close enough to the snow to re-engage when maximum edge control is needed. This rocker profile provides an additional layer of on-demand edge control without having to sacrifice any true-rocker performance.

Outline: Directional Twin
A directional twin shape with a slightly drawn out nose, perfect for riding all over the mountain in your quest to find the best terrain

Construction: Bamboo and Poplar
A blend of bamboo and poplar creates an insanely light yet poppy and responsive ride

Laminates: Mixed Glassing
A triax / biax blend creates the most responsive and lively ride available.

Edges: Grip Tech
This sidecut design creates four additional contact points under foot for significantly improved and more direct edge control. The new contacts also create heel and toe pivot points that make turning faster and more efficient. Grip-Tech enables Arbor to offer a "True-Rocker" profile with powerful edge control, and thus preserves the full range of associated performance benefits. Grip-Tech also allows riders with larger feet, up to a US Men's size 12, to ride standard width shapes.

Top Sheet: Wood
Power Ply: To counter the loss of the "leaf spring" like effect inherent in camber designs, Arbor turns to their power ply technology. By adding an additional structural layer to the board, in the form of a wood or bamboo topsheet, they significantly enhance board pop and return for much improved true-rocker performance.
Oh, and it looks amazing!

Base: Sintered
A sintered base is simply the fastest base available. It also adds extensive durability.

Warranty: Two Years
Two year warranty against manufacturer defects.
More Information
Manufacturer Arbor
Model Arbor 2015 Roundhouse Snowboard
Who It Fits
  • The 147 is ideal for a rider between 98 to 178 lbs. and shoe size of 7-11.
  • The 150 is ideal for a rider between 104 to 184 lbs. and shoe size of 7-11.
  • The 153 is ideal for a rider between 110 to 190 lbs. and shoe size of 7-11.
  • The 155 is ideal for a rider between 114 to 194 lbs. and shoe size of 7-11.
  • Please use our Fit Tips page for assistance or Contact Us for individual help.
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