System Timeless CRCX 2019 Snowboard


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System Timeless Snowboard : The newest board in System's line, the Timeless is a snowboard guaranteed to live up to it's name! Built around the strongest and liveliest core System has, the 3D Core with Edgelock is full tip to tail poplar with high density stringers running just outside the center of the board as well as down each rail, easily driving and holding your edge in to any snow conditions! Then an artisan grade heartwood stringer is set in the center of the board creating explosive power and response from the park to big mountain carves! This is all then pressed in to their new CRCX camber profile! The Timeless is a rocker dominant "camber-rocker-camber" profile which greatly increases float in powder and elevates your contact points to ensure you never catch an edge. The small cambered sections in the nose and tail only engage when you tell them to, and create explosive pop for ollies and jumps. Whether you're powering down groomer and mogul fields, slashing trees, or bombing the park, the Timeless will give you a ride you will never forget!

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