Woodstock Drifter Pin Bamboo 46 Inch Longboard Deck


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Woodstock Drifter Pin Bamboo 46" Longboard Deck : Get back to your roots with the Woodstock Drifter Pin! Long pins with long wheelbases have the core advantages of offering extra deck flex and rebound. Add to that the responsiveness of a full depth bamboo top lam and you have the smoothest riding longboard on the planet. The top ply is full depth bamboo, not the paper thin veneers used by so many brands for looks only. This provides pop, organic style, that cannot be duplicated with fiberglass or synthetic laminates. A wide and beautifully defined concave platform allow for unmatched energy and pushability while providing the most stable ride you can find. Whether you're looking for a board to carve out long lines on even longer mountain roads, cross step like you were riding a classic 10 foot surfboard, or just need the perfect board to go for a Smoothie Cream run on, the Drifter will take you there.