Woodstock Mojo Bamboo Drop Through 41.5 Inch Longboard Deck


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Woodstock Mojo 41.5" Longboard Deck : Longboarding the way it was meant to be, the Mojo is a cruising, freeriding dream. From sidewalks, to hills, to mountain roads, the Mojo will have you feeling the flow. Using A full depth ply of bamboo, the Mojo provides pop, organic style, and built in shock absorption that cannot be duplicated with fiberglass or synthetic laminates. The drop through design means a low center of gravity and an unbelievably stable ride. A .38" concave provides insane rail to rail control while allowing for easy slides. The bamboo also helps to reduce weight making the Mojo one of the easiest boards to push around town. You'll feel the road beneath your feet, wind on your face and sun and your skin and know the Mojo was just made for you.