Siren Mystic 2019 Snowboard Bindings


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Siren Mystic Snowboard Bindings: Designed specifically for the lady riders, the Siren Mystic is the perfect example of a female specific binding. Focusing on comfort, ease of use, and progression, the Mystic will make riding easier than ever before! Starting with a full length EVA base pad for cushioning and dampening, the Mystic then adds gel padded toe and heel straps to make it feel like you're strapped in to a cloud.

And don't forget about performance! Featuring 4 tooth aluminum ratchets, snow and ice are no match for the the Mystic. A 15% fiberglass inclusion in the higback and baseplate allows for the perfect blend of flex,comfort and support. Make snowboarding easier, more comfortable, and more importantly, more fun with the Siren Mystic binding! Fits women's boot sizes 6-11. Disks and hardware are included.

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