Camp Seven Summit Men's Snowboard Bindings


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Camp Seven Summit Snowboard Bindings : The new Camp Seven Summit bindings continue to be one of the lightest bindings we carry and yet one of the most durable as well. But there's a lot more that goes in to the Summit than simple weight reduction and durability. The full length EVA base pad creates a plush cloud like leve; of comfort while riding in even the choppiest terrain. Either-Or toe straps that can be ridden toe cap style or over the forefoot create a customizable fit. Gel inserted contoured straps maximize control and stability. Inside routed ladder straps, and aluminum 4 tooth ratchets make tightening and loosening a breeze. The 15% fiber inclusion in both the baseplate and the highback, anatomically correct footbed, create insane performance on any part of the mountain. Finally, comfy adjustable toe ramps, and full dual sided on the fly strap adjustments via cam cleats on both toe and ankle straps round out one of our best selling bindings ever!
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