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  • Arbor 2016 Coda Camber Snowboard

    Arbor 2016 Coda Camber Snowboard : The all new camber version of the Coda! Tried and true, this previous winner of Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year award and two-time recipient of Snowboard Canada’s Grade Eh award is designed for more aggressive riders who charge both in and out of bounds. Comparable to a swiss army knife, the Coda is proficient across a plethora of terrains and applications from tight trees to pillow lines, chutes, and backcountry kickers. Now available in both System Camber and System Rocker versions, the Coda is the perfect all terrain vehicle to serve as the centerpiece of your quiver.

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  • GNU 2017 Eco-Choice Snowboard

    GNU 2017 Eco Choice Snowboard : Nicolas Muller's favorite Freestyle deck, the Eco Choice Asym is an all mountain destroyer. Built with its C2 BTX design, this board is just right when it comes to a deeper heel side sidecut, Asymmetrical Contact Angles, Tip and Tail Shapes and the Smart Formula Asymmetric Magne-Traction. What does all that jargon mean? It means the Eco-Choice is a naturally easy ride boasting maximum performance, lots of control, turning and pop so you can do anything and everything in the park. Smart Magne-Traction .5 helps you carve amazingly into almost anything and the UHMW Sidewalls turn this board into something close to bombproof. By studying the biomechanics of us mere mortals, the Weird Science Team and Gnu created a revolutionary board that matches our bodies and movement. Created using all Eco Materials and with gnu's latest Eco production process this board was created with zero hazardous waste! Utilizing wind and water power this is the most eco friendly board on the market! *Base color may vary Snowboard Package Fit Tips Learn More
  • Camp Seven Valdez CRC 2015 Snowboard

    Camp Seven Valdez 2015 Snowboard : The Valdez is now 6 years old. For 2015 this modern classic gets upgraded to a Camber Rocker Camber design with a radial sidecut and a Biax over Triax layup.

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  • Showing 21-23 of 23 products