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  • GNU 2015 Carbon Credit Snowboard

    GNU 2015 Carbon Credit Snowboard : The classic is back again and fully upgraded! One of the flagships of the Gnu line, the Carbon Credit wins award after award every year including Transworld's Good Wood. An awesome board for progression, the Carbon Credit is made to step up your riding. Gnu's new Banana BTX features rocker between your feet for a playful and catch free ride while flat sections to the contact points for a little extra stored power! The rocker also makes the Crabon Credit an excellent choice for deep powder days while the Magne-Traction creats 7 points of contact to hold an edge on even the iciest days. If you're looking for one board to do it all the Carbon Credit is the board for you! Snowboard Package Fit Tips Learn More
  • GNU 2015 Rider's Choice Snowboard

    GNU 2015 Rider's Choice Snowboard : The flagship of the Gnu line is back and better than ever! The 2015 Rider's Choice is loaded with all it's classic greatness and adds in tons of new tech as well. For starters Gnu added A.S.S. Pickle tech which lengthens the toe side edge of the board and creates a deeper heelside cut. This makes your toe and heelside edge feel nearly identical and allows the board to act more natural under foot! Your body is asymmetrical, your board should be too! The C2 PBTX gives you get rocker between your feet and radial cambers at the tip and tail. This creates amazing float in powder and catch free riding for lots of playful surfy-ness and yet leaves tons of stored energy and power in the tip and tail. If you love powder days, huge booters, and destroying the entire mountain, you can't get any better than this! Snowboard Package Fit Tips Learn More
  • Showing 2 products