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  • System MTN CRCX 2017 Snowboard

    System MTN 2017 Snowboard : System's best selling MTN Snowboard features some major upgrades for this season! Starting with the all new CRCX camber profile, the MTN is a rocker dominant "camber-rocker-camber" profile which greatly increases float in powder and elevates your contact points to ensure you never catch an edge. The small cambered sections in the nose and tail only engage when you tell them to, and create explosive pop for ollies and jumps. The MTN then received a major core upgrade with their all new 3D core! this ultralight core centers around tip to tail Poplar wood with two high density stringers running just outside the center of the board. Then an artisan grade heartwood stringer is placed down the center of the board to create one of the most powerful and explosive cores on the market! A twin design makes this board at home riding regular or switch. Add in biax over triax fiberglass construction and you get insane durability, and the smoothest flex pattern imaginable. From backcountry powder fields to groomer, to park laps, the MTN is truly the best all mountain board you can find. Snowboard Package Fit Tips Learn More
  • System 2017 DNR Snowboard

    System 2017 DNR Snowboard : The already powerful DNR snowboard got some massive boosts for this season. The new RCR profile creates explosive power in the center of the board, while the rockered tip and tail eliminates edge catches and adds float in powder! And, in case you couldn't tell from the graphic, the DNR is near bulletproof. The brand new DD2 with Bash X core is the most durable core you will find, all while still remaining leightweight! The high density stringers down the center create power and pop for jumps, rails, and carves, then artisan grade heartwood stringers run down each rail, reinforcing them from wacks, dings bonks, and the like. But not only do these enhance durability, this high strength rail reinforcement also drives your edges deeper when carving for maximum edge hold and zero board chatter! From the streets where it was created to the parks and mountains at resorts, the DNR is your bulletproof jacket protecting you from hard take downs and snow chop. If you like freestyle riding, 3 year warranties, and playful rides then the DNR is the new gun for your arsenal.

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