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  • System 2016 DNR Snowboard

    System 2016 DNR Snowboard : The DNR makes it resurgence in 2016 with some serious upgrades and even more attitude. A new Flatrock profile gives you plenty of rise in the tip and tail for powder float and catch free riding, while the flat platform under your feet gives you ultimate stability for shootouts in the park! And in case you couldn't tell from the graphic, the DNR is near bulletproof. Rails, bonks, drops, this thing will survive any shots it takes.

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  • System MTN CRCX 2016 Snowboard

    System MTN 2016 Snowboard : System's newest board is the MTN, and it is an absolute game changer! Featuring the all new CRCX camber profile, the MTN is a rocker dominant "camber-rocker-camber" profile which greatly increases float in powder and elevates your contact points to ensure you never catch an edge. The small cambered sections in the nose and tail only engage when you tell them to, and create explosive pop for ollies and jumps. For added control the MTN utilizes a dual density poplar core which creates stringers for a super snappy and responsive ride while greatly reducing weight. A twin design makes this board at home riding regular or switch. Add in biax over triax fiberglass construction and you get insane durability, and the smoothest flex pattern imaginable. From backcountry powder fields to groomer, to park laps, the MTN is truly the best all mountain board you can find. Snowboard Package Fit Tips Learn More
  • Showing 2 products