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At Wiredsport, we partner with the top brands in the world to bring our customers the best selection of the greatest gear on the planet. Check out our selection of Gnu boards and Gnu bindings and don’t let your jaw drop when you see the prices we offer. With Gnu, you can expect top notch performance from your gear. Pair up a Gnu snowboard with a set of their bindings and find out why when pro boarders want to go big, they choose Gnu.

Gnu Snowboards

Powder or ice, tricks or just a smooth ride, choosing the right snowboard and bindings are important. Get hooked up with Gnu snowboards and equipment to hit the slopes with top notch gear. Versatile Gnu boards will allow you to compete against friends in some freestyle fun as well keep up with some of world’s best competitors. Choosing the right board is all about having fun in the park and on the mountain as well as being able to keep up against the elements. Their boards are designed by the top snowboarders in the country and have killer graphics and styles that get you noticed on the mountain.

Gnu snowboards are able to give you the best of both worlds by being able to float along the powder as well as carve your way through icy conditions. Best of all, their boards are constructed to provide you with the balance you’re looking for – including asymmetric side cuts to get the best turns. Pair your board with some high quality Gnu bindings and complete your ride. The lightweight Gnu snowboard bindings will help you to get the speed and comfort that you’re looking for and are available in a number of different styles. A custom fit is possible with all the best in footbed and strap technology. Choose the flexibility level that you want, all of the adjustable straps that you need as well as the comfortable base plate. These are designed for comfort and are affordable in case you’re a budget rider who doesn’t want to give up quality just to save a few bucks.