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Wiredsport Pro Model Inspired Line

Posted on May 11, 2012 by wiredsport There have been 0 comments


The days are getting longer, weather sunnier and the water’s warming up. That means it’s wakeboard season. And to celebrate the final summer according to the Myans, we used our strategic partnership with Hyperlite to create some boards specifically for Wiredsport. We worked with Hyperlite day and night for months and poured all we had into these boards. Finally, after some final touches and inspired by the pro line from Shaun Murray and Rusty Malinoski’s “Marek” pro line, the Hyperlite Machete, Agent and Destroyer were born.

These boards carry a plethora of features one can only dream of. From the four removable fins for ultimate carving and customization, to step down edges for speed while turning into the wake, these boards can rip. And for those wondering about pop there’s not much to wonder. The boards are built with a subtle 3 stage rocker to allow for explosions off the wake. In fact, the boards have so much pop they had to put in a v-shaped bottom to make the landings soft and smooth.

The best part about all these features, aside from making it a pro level board, is that they make them some of the easiest boards to ride. No matter what level you're trying to progress to, these boards will take you there. And because they are a Wiredsport exclusive they’re only $199 each! For a bit more on the features check out the video from Scott Sims describing the Machete.


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